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News, Celebrities, Humor and Pain

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Redneck Truck Driver Hates Pedestrians, Destroys Bridge - Caught on Video May. 24th, 2010 @ 03:28 pm

Redneck Truck Driver Hates Pedestrians, Destroys Bridge - Video

An eccentric redneck truck driver proved how much he hates pedestrians when he deliberately destroyed a pedestrian bridge over a highway. A few pedestrians were crossing the bridge at the time of the violent "accident," but none was killed, thankfully. But It was all caught on video. Click a link to watch the vid.

McCafferty Himself
If you are lucky enough to be Irish, You are lucky enough!

Teen Gang Jumps, Brutally Beats 73-year-old – Caught on Video May. 24th, 2010 @ 02:36 pm

Teen Gang Jumps, Brutally Beats 73-year-old – Caught on Video

Caught on video - A Cleveland gang of six teenagers is caught on video as they jump a 73-year-old man and his 51-year-old friend. The gang brutally beat both men until they were bloody and unable to resist.

McCafferty Himself
If you are lucky enough to be Irish, You are lucky enough!

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Dad Saves Baby’s Life in Near Death Accident – Caught on Video May. 18th, 2010 @ 10:27 am


Caught on video - Andrew Leich miraculously saved his 4-month-old son Hayden’s life when a driver, who had suffered a heart attack at the wheel, lost control of her vehicle and, while traveling around 45 mph (70 km/h), plowed into a group of pedestrians on the sidewalk in Penrith, West Sydney, Australia.

McCafferty Himself

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Video of Lars Vilks’ Assault by Radical Muslim Jihadists May. 15th, 2010 @ 03:31 pm

Caught on video - Lars Vilks, the Swedish artist-cartoonist who depicted Islam's Prophet Mohammad as a dog in a caricature in 2007, being attacked in a classroom in Uppsala, Sweden, Tuesday, while giving a lecture regarding his experiences with censorship. More...

McCafferty Himself

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How Texting While Driving Ruins Lives Dec. 20th, 2009 @ 05:22 pm


It seems that virtually all age groups are texting, so all age groups are texting and driving too. This video graphically shows why texting while driving is illegal in 19 states in the US and will eventually be illegal in all states. Please do not watch the video if you have a weak stomach, and please do not text while driving!

The video was made for and with the assistance of the Gwent Police Department, located in Tredegar, Gwent County, South Wales, which is approximately 150 miles west of London in the United Kingdom.

The video is a trailer for a 30 minute film on texting and driving called "COW" that was commissioned by the Gwent Police Department and was produced and directed by Peter Watkins-Hughes, who is an award winning former BBC producer. Hughes also lectures at the Documentary Film & Television department at the Newport School of Art, Media and Design in Wales.

The video was released in July, 2009, and immediately went viral world-wide. Unfortunately, many teens have commented on YouTube, where the video is hosted, that teens click the vid off after aboout 30 seconds. Hopefully, more of them will watch the entire video, and, just as importantly, perhaps their parents will watch it too.

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Other entries
» Fatal Police Shoot Out Caught on Dashcam


Kansas City, Missouri, police chief, James Corwin, released a video of a fatal shoot out between two police officers and a suspect who had driven his SUV into a tree. The video was filmed September 6th, at 7:45 PM by the dashcams of the police cruisers of the two officers involved.

The video was released today because the Jackson County, Missouri, Grand Jury ruled that the police actions shown in this video were justified.

The video shows the suspect casually raising his arm to shoot at the officers, as if it was an action he did every day. Although the demeanor of the suspect might suggest he was under the influence, a tox screen of the perpetrator showed he had alcohol and marijuana in his bloodstream, but nothing else that might explain his bizarre behavior.

"It is a wake-up call," said Mike Perne, the night shift captain on duty that evening. "It was just such a routine call."

In the Spotlite

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» Funny Mischief at the Car Wash - Video

The hijinks from this are quite funny. I do know that at some car washes you cannot shut off the hose no matter what. I think I would have gone to where the hose hangs from the ceiling and started trying to tame the beast from that angle. This was just too funny!

I sense slightly that this one may have been set up. Who has a camera in just the right position at the car wash? Not I. Although with all of the camera cell phones out there, it is possible.

Well, setup or not I found that one to be fun. Not sure why the one dude spent so much time on the ground. Was he hurt or just hiding from the hose? I dunno. Do you?

I think that these guys should stay away from the do it yourself car washes. They are more the full service types I believe.

McCafferty's Pub

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» Trigger Point Needling to Alleviate Pain

Some of the data in this article is taken from http://pain6.blogspot.com/2009/10/trigger-point-needling-to-alleviate.html

Trigger Point Needling is a commonly used method to alleviate pain from trigger points, which are knots or hardening of muscle fiber. The procedure is generally performed by a medical doctor or osteopath and can be either in the form of dry needling or the doctor may inject a pain killer such as lidocaine or even botox into the trigger point to ease the patient's pain.

Injecting lidocaine into a trigger point is very similar to getting any type of injection, except that with a trigger point injection, the doctor wants the medicine to reach a specific area in a specific muscle as opposed to the medicine generally entering the patient's system.

Lidocaine "is widely used for infiltration, nerve-block, and spinal anesthesia in a 0.5 to 2 percent aqueous or saline solution and is also applied to mucous membranes (2 to 4 percent) for mucosal anesthesia." (1) Because lidocaine is a fast acting anesthetic, pain relief may be almost immediate depending upon the reason for the trigger point flareup.

According to Dr Janet Travell, "trigger point injection requires careful positioning of the patient and often needling at both the central and attachment trigger point regions to be successful." (2) After trigger point injection the physician will also usually prescribe several visits to a physical therapist for "bimanual release of tightness in the vertical and diagonal muscle fibers" (3) of the muscle immediately surrounding the trigger point.

In addition the physical therapist will also prepare the trigger point for manipulation by either icing down the trigger point and surrounding muscle or applying a vapocoolant spray over the muscle and painful areas prior to manual manipulation.(4) The goal of both the injection and the physical therapy is to coax the trigger point to relax its tight grip on the muscle.

Figure 1 shows a perpendicular injection into a trigger point, which is the injection into the central area of the trigger point that was previously mentioned. Figure 1 also shows a similar injection into the trigger point at an angle in the inset picture. Many physicians will inject straight in and at angles to the right and to the left to insure reaching all areas of the trigger point needed to ease the patient's pain.

Botox, or Botulinum Toxin Type A, is injected in a similar manner that lidocaine is injected. Botox is a drug developed from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which is the same toxin that causes food poisoning or botulism. (5)

Trigger Point Needling and Chronic Pain

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» FSM Ushers in New Era of Medical Treatment for Chronic Pain

Source for parts of this article is from: http://pain6.blogspot.com/2009/11/fsm-ushers-in-new-era-of-medical.html

Since the mid 1990’s FSM, or Frequency Specific Microcurrent, has been gradually altering the landscape of the chronic pain treatment community and is beginning to affect quite profoundly the way chronic pain and numerous other medical conditions are being treated worldwide. Raphael J. D'Angelo, M.D., of Aurora, Colorado, is among the proponents in the medical community who advocates the merits of FSM and administers FSM therapy to his patients in his everyday practice. Dr. D’Angelo defines FSM as follows: “FSM is the application of specific frequencies of electrical current to the human body. The current is in millionths of an ampere called micro amps, which is below the threshold of sensation. In other words, the current is so tiny that the person receiving a treatment can't feel it.” (1)

Lay people often confuse FSM with EMS, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, which is an electrical device that stimulates the muscles and can usually be found in a physical therapist or chiropractor’s office. Other people confuse FSM with a TENS unit, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which most people with chronic pain are familiar with or have at least heard of.

“A "TENS unit" is a pocket size, portable, battery-operated device that sends electrical impulses to certain parts of the body to block pain signals. The electrical currents produced are mild, but can prevent pain messages from being transmitted to the brain and may raise the level of endorphins (natural pain killers produced by the brain).” (2)

Although FSM is neither an EMS or a TENS unit, an FSM device is licensed and approved by the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, as a form of a TENS unit as are all microcurrent devices. However, both EMS and TENS units carry an electrical charge which is thousands of times greater than an FSM unit. (3)

Dr. James Oschman, Ph.D., a biophysicist, states in his book, Energy Medicine, the Scientific Basis, that science has proven that the human cell is organized as a liquid crystal which conveys and stores current, electrical charge and vibrational information. “Every part of the body, including all of the molecules so thoroughly studied by modern science…form a continuously interconnected semiconductor electronic network. Each component of the organism, even the smallest part, is immersed in and generates a constant stream of vibratory information.” (4)

In 1991 German scientists Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann earned the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine "for their discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in cells." (5) They developed the "patch clamp technique" for measuring electrical current in living cells. (6)

Once the ability to measure electrical current in cells was discovered, it was learned that diseased or injured cells carry a different current than healthy cells. Either disease or trauma may affect human cells, altering their electrical makeup and frequencies. David G. Young, N.D., explains that “when an injury occurs to a tissue, the electrons in the affected tissue take on a different vibrational characteristic, unique to that injury or other abnormal condition. As the vibrations of the electrons change, it is believed the electrons concurrently may also change to a different “orbit" from what was normal for that tissue type.” (7) Sometimes such cell alteration produces chronic pain.

FSM and Chronic Pain

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» Redneck Wrecking Ball and Profile in Courage - Videos


It must be a redneck behind the controls of the wrecking ball in our first video because who else would be so careless that he would allow a wrecking ball to swing out into the street right into the afternoon traffic?

Continued at McCafferty's Pub...

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